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overturn it. it's going to stay unless some disaster results. i don't see any changes there. >> you're a black man, i'm a black woman, this is our first black president now reelected. certainly, we heard a lot about race in this particular election. we heard allegations of race baiting, and all sorts of things. how much of a part do you think race played in this election? >> i'm never one to believe that it doesn't exist. you may remember an ap report that showed it was higher in 2012 that be it was in 2008. there's no question it had something to do with that. the argument i believe, you can discount the president's numbers by a point or two in some states because of that. were that not an issue, the
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victory margin would have been even greater. >> all right, thank you so much. >> we're waiting for president obama to come out and speak to the crowd, obviously mitt romney as well, neither one has, although president obama has acknowledged his victory tonight. mitt romney as we know has not come out conceding this race. the projections are out, and president obama has won his second term as president. i want to pick up on the last part of my question. do you see the promises of the tax hikes with the republican controlled house. do you see those going forward? >> some of the so-called bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire. if nothing is done, between now and the end of the year, they're just going to go away. i think that the republicans are going to be hard-pressed to defend those tax cuts. but you know, there are a whole number of things that the president wants to do that are
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contingent on congress. a number of things congress wants to do that are contingent upon the president's wishes. there is also a concern some things that have going to happen even if nothing goes on. we know that the economy, while still moving slowly, is headed in the right direction. in some respects the president will benefit from some of the work that is done in the first term. let's also be clear, this second term is not a four year term, it's really just a two year term. by the time they get to 2014, the president then becomes a lame duck, and democrats and republicans who are interested in running in 2016 begin to line up. so that, so the president has to hustle if he wants to get some things done. also really quickly. paul ryan. he now is probably the most
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republican in the country right now. even though he's not speaker of house. he's probably going to prepare a campaign for 2016, and is going to be in there with a bunch of people, including perhaps governor christy of new jersey and so on. >> speaking of governor christy, we saw him giving praise to president obama in recent days. do you think that had anything to do with the outcome tonight? >> no. but i think that enflamed enough republicans around the country that he's going to have to issue some mea culpas privately going forward. >> or maybe the new face of the republican party. you have bipartisanship. >> a lot of people say that's what we need to do going forward. even president obama needs to mix up his cabinet. >> they're always or the of
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token bipartisan cabinet proponents. both parties have to decide that the vote was so close they can't act like they won the whole thing. they don't get a mandate. hopefully, they will take a cue, and work together to try to get some issues solved. mark me down as someone that is a little skeptical. >> you and a whole bunch of people. >> we'll come back to you in just a moment. >> the question that springs to mind right now as i'm sitting here is, when the congress comes back here to washington amend when the lame duck session gets into place. brian brought up this point just a little while ago. where are we headed forward at
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this point. because if the house is controlled by the republicans, and the senate will remain in the democtic hands. this congress as it stands right now that couldn't work with this president who was in his first term now enters a second term, what if any optimism is there tonight that we're going to have some wellspring of goodwill or bipartisanship break out and we're not looking at more of the same. >> the leadership of the senate will not change on the minority side. the number 1 objective is to defeat barack obama in the second term. he's got to change his tenor and his outlook. john boehner has got a gorrila internal warfare in his own party and eric cantor who caters to the tea party
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conservatives he's got to have a different perspective. the leadership has to say no. i used this example and i want to use it again. i remember that house members and senators. they would hand out pens and these house members and senators would want a pen, because that had something to do with being a statesman, and a leader, and caring more about the country than just being reelected that has to be a change of mind. the president, i must say this, he's got to mix it up. he's got to be a little more lbj and bill clinton.
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if you're in politics you've got to pick up the phone. >> there is some short term business that can be done in this city. looming over the head of thousands of defense industry workers in this area. the republican house, or democratic senate were not able to come to an agreement on this, basically, because they were at lager heads for most of the summer. they come back now to this city. is this a chance to demonstrate the fact that despite the differences, despite that they were thrown into this caldron, that they can actually work together and maybe avoid these defense cuts. >> we'll soon find out. the deadline is january 1. there is a lame duck congress. what will the lame duck congress do, and will the new congress, this terrible expression, kick the can down the road and delay again when
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se quest ration actually sarted, or will they become statesmen and actually come up with solutions. >> we're looking at some history tonight in the ways of the unemployment numbers. no modern president had been reelected with an unemployment number that was higher than 7.3. tonight, as we sit here 7.9%. a remarkable statement by the american people tonight, feeling out that there is progress being made be and the people making the decision tonight. i'm going to send it back up to brian. >> we're seeing live pictures here of what the scene is like in chicago. let's find out what the scene is look in washington, d.c. >> at the white house, pennsylvania avenue. matt. >> reporter: we're right now in front of the white house. just in front of lafayette park here. i don't know if you can hear. there's a lot of beeping. it's almost as if it's 5:00 in
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the afternoon. a lot of people walking towards the white house. this is how it's been for i'd say the last 20 minutes. some of the polls from ohio, and other places started to come in showing president obama with the lead, people really started to come towards the white house. they're gathered out in front at the white house at this point. a larger group. many people running towards the white house saying we did it. cheering. obama four more years. how are you feeling tonight? >> i'm so excited. >> were you watching from home? >> i've been watching from a car down the street. >> were you here four years ago? >> no, this is my first time. i'm excited about it. but all of these folks have been here before, so we're excited. >> four more years!
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>> i can't wait. >> so that's basically it. more and more folks coming this way. already a good crowd when i checked about 10 minutes ago, and more people coming. we'll try to bring you even more photos. >> we remember the scene four years ago outside the white house. there were tons and tons of people. people in georgetown, people on u street. i know that you're not exactly in front of the white house yet, but do you think we're seeing the same sort of enthusiasm we saw four years ago? >> yeah, so far it's looking that way. i was here the night that osama bin laden was killed too. it looked a lot like it does now. people cheering. honking as they go down the streets, hanging out of their sun roof. i just saw someone standing up in their sun roof. it's looking like four years ago again tonight. we'll get a little closer and try to send you back some pictures to show you exactly what it looks like.
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>> live down at the white house. it's easy to see the enthusiasm of the people driving by the white house there. and look at the spread of the cameras there in i believe that's chicago. >> it is chicago. you can see the reporters and the network down there. >> as we're waiting on president obama to come back and speak to the crowd. it does feel different though. as you mentioned. history, it was so historical, and so breath taking four years ago. this time around, our country is in a very different position. there is a lot of real hard work that needs to be done. >> different doesn't necessarily mean worse. it just means different. i think that the country is moving into a more politically sophisticated place. the other thing we were talking earlier about the superp.a.c. spending. i would be curious to know how many people were moved in one direction or another by the
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super p.a.c. spending. and at some point were people just tuning it out? >> these are live pictures outside the white house. we were wondering if the same enthusiasm and the crowds were there as we saw four years ago. you can see for yourself, the incredible crowds outside the white house tonight. we should mention the president is not even there tonight. he's in chicago. what you're looking at on the right hand side of the screen, where he will make his acceptance speech in front of a crowd of about 10,000 people. >> quite a scene in both spots, and then of course we're waiting on mitt romney in boston to come out and give his concession speech. he's been running for president for six years now. it will be interesting to hear his words. >> he has an opportunity to be, and i expect him to do this, to be very statesman like. we often sort of view the concession speeches as sort of historical footnotes. but they're also very important
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part of our democratic tradition of legitimizing the winner. they're more symbolically important, than they are substantively important. i would be curious also to see whether or not representative paul ryan speaks. you may recall after it was revealed after the 2008 race that sarah palin, senator mccain's running mate. governor palin, wanted to speak and there was controversy afterwards whether or not she would actually speak. i would be curious to see. >> earlier reports said mitt romney had only written one speech, the victory speech. >> sending it downstairs to fox 5 political analyst, and tom
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fitzgerald. i'm curious. we talked about this was perhaps the last campaign for george allen, in virginia. mitt romney has been running for president for six years now. we wonder if this is his last campaign? >> he's 65 years old. i know a lot of people are very vital at 65. i don't see it. he had a problem in terms of his own party. he ran in the senate against ted kennedy. as really a liberal republican. then got lost. got elected as a moderate to liberal republican as governor to proclaim himself as a severe conservative. once he ran as a general election candidate, he had to revert back to the moderate. he really didn't have a home, and i don't think he has a future in that republican
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party. he's done. and plenty of ambitious people who can't wait to run. romney kind of reminds me of stevenson, a two term loser. >> it's important to remember that the obama campaign itself early on in this campaign had trouble deciding on what approach they were going to take with mitt romney. early on, they tried to push this idea of him being the etch a sketch candidate. he would tell you whatever you wanted to hear. ted kennedy famously said during the early 90s senate race, that ted kennedy was pro- choice, and mitt romney was multiple choice in the late senator's words. there was widespread reporting that bill clinton was the one who had gone to this campaign, at the obama forces and said you cannot do that. you cannot present mitt romney as an empty vessel. because people who like him will fill him up with things they like. the push since that point has
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been to paint him as an extreme conservative. what they have continued to do. >> there are three random thoughts i hope makes some sense, one is haley barber. has said if he doesn't watch out. he's going to be made the candidate, just a wealthy plutocrat. and finally, the embrace, which i think sean talked about of chris christie made a very big difference in how obama is perceived, and perceived as the president. >> we're going to send it across the room to laura evans. >> thanks guys. just for people who may be wondering, what's has beening behind the scenes right now? is the president speaking with
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the romney camp right now? they're working who is going to speak first? >> i would imagine mitt romney is calling the president, congratulating him. the tradition is that mitt romney will come out first. then obama would wait, and then he would give his speech. that's what i imagine is going on right now. >> we're taking a look at what is happening in chicago. supporters wait for him to come to the stage, which will happen well after romney gives his concession speech. we were talking about president obama being reelected to another four years. what message does that send to the republican congress? >> i think obama is going to claim it's a mandate on healthcare. so republicans should stop trying to repeal obama care, and that taxes on millionaires, or people making $250,000 or more, i think there will be some compromise on that.
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they should yield on that. this race was a lot about taxes. president obama is going to say republicans need to bend and compromise. it's a tough spot for speaker john boehner. he's not going to have mitt romney by his side. senator mitch mcconnell is going to be minority leader again. as far as any big deal that needs to get done on the debt, the deficit, the debt ceiling, medicare, taxes. president obama, speaker boehner. once again. >> this previous congress was considered the do-nothing congress. are we going to see this again? >> i think they learned a lot from the contentious congress. especially those talks in july of 2011. i think there's going to be need. it's going to be incumbent on the president to bring the country together. >> we've got craig bosswell standing by in chicago. >> reporter: good evening. i've got a lot of noise and music, and cheering crowds. that's what i've got out here
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in chicago. this crowd went absolutely nuts when ohio was placed into president obama's column. i thought it wouldn't get much louder. not too long after that, when the networks behind me, they have the networks on the screen besides the stage when the networks began to call president obama as the winner of the election. this crowd took it to an entirely other level. you can hear it turning up behind me. you probably have other cameras where you can show this vast sea of people. the room holds about 10,000. the campaign says they're going to squeeze in 15,000. i'm going to be surprised if they don't do that. even though that is a sliver of the crowd that was in grant park. this crowd has at least obtained, if not surpassed that level of enthusiasm four years
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ago. we're still waiting word on when president obama might arrive. waiting word on when the calls from the two campaigns will go back and forth. the president is not far. he will make his way here to accept the victory in front of a very large and enthusiastic crowd. laura, feel free to jump in, and ask anything you want. you have to talk very, very loud. because this crowd is not going anywhere, anytime soon. >> craig, i assume it's a standing room only tax crowd, huh? >> most definitely. i hope you have some of those other cameras around and in, where you can show some of the panning shots of this crowd. i can't show you, all i have is photographers and the backs of reporters heads here. but they're still streaming in. they're just crammed in here. this is the cavernous room. this room goes on for days. and it's very high ceiling. so that is just reverberating
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inside here tonight. i can't really see, and no one has come out ton stage yet. we haven't gotten word if the call has been made between president obama and mitt romney. we do know the first lady along with the president and malia and sasha are at a nearby hotel and should be soon making their way here to be greeted by a very happy crowd here tonight. >> very good. thanks so much craig. i know speaking over the crowd like that is no easy task. we should also add here bob that paul ryan has won his congressional seat. >> it was expected. so everyone thinks now he will return to congress, and will be the house budget chairman. he's likely to stay as committee chairman, and
11:52 pm
speculation he will run in 2016. but he didn't deliver wisconsin tonight. disappointing performance from romney and ryan. we'll see where his political future lies. >> brian, we'll send it back up to you. >> joined now by jack berkman, and brendan daily. first time in the same room. jack i got to hit you hard on this. what is wrong with the republican party? >> first, got to offer congratulations to brendan for the democratic party. republicans need, i think to move to the right. when you nominate a conservative and win, i think the problem is when you nominate a moderate, the base is not enthused. we saw this with gerald ford. the base never warmed up to mitt romney. the base was never in this game. evangelical christians. >> the country has changed. democrat graphics has changed. the country is center.
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i think the democrats would argue that the party keeps moving to the right. a smaller and smaller base. >> look at the vote tonight. hispanic vote was 75-25. you can't lose by 50 points to a huge demographic like that. a great point lindsay graham made. there is not enough old white angry men. the country is becoming younger. more african americans, more hispanics. >> the presidential math is just against us in so many ways. obama won tonight, he starts off with 240, because we don't campaign in illinois. we don't campaign in california, we don't campaign in new york, massachusetts. >> it used to be the other way around. >> california is something, brendan is right about hispanics.
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california is the place for republicans. i think the party has to be reborn there. but keep in mind, if you look at 2000 and 2004, a lot of these things were said about bush. the party moving in the wrong direction. bush won those in those years because he had powerful based motivation. in some sense karl rove is right. you can win a race with just your base. >> the country has changed in the last eight years. look at what obama was able to mobilize. new voters. he was brilliant about that. look at florida and a number of states where he registered college voters. >> i still say as close as this was, if you had a republican base that was enthused about their candidate, romney could have won tonight. even with obama starting out with something like 240 electoral votes. >> i disagree with that. as a democrat i'm happy about
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that. as a republican i'm not happy about that. we have huge issues in this country, right next week, the congress is going to talk about the so-called fiscal clip. we need to work together. the republicans just have no revenues at all. even obama says how be over $1 million a year. >> none of this changes the politics. the country is moving drastically. you see what's going on. the tragedies in europe. now we want to have the same thing in the united states. it's terrible. >> just look at the stock market. it's doubled in the last four years. the economy is getting better. i think it's going to improve if we had some cooperation from the other side, we could improve even more. >> i find it fascinating. i brought it up at george mason university. the professor there. you've got, they say, 10% of
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the country pays 90% of the taxes. then you have 90% of the country voting. 90% of the country deciding where the money is going to go. it strikes me as curious as to how the republicans can overcome that. >> the reality is you're heading for a system, as you say, probably 90% or more of the country will simply pay nothing in federal taxes. >> that's ridiculous. >> you're headed into that. >> they pay sales taxes, all sorts of other taxes too. >> the -- they take a child deduction, a home mortgage deduction. >> if you want to have that argument that's fine. mitt romney would gladly pay all of those taxes. not a winning argument from the republicans. where does the republican, i guess it's back to the point,
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where does the republican party move from here? does it look like paul ryan is the gold standard for the republican party? >> paul ryan is a 25 year friend of mine. i don't think paul ryan would launch a presidential campaign. he really hates fundraising. this was the ideal way in for him. he had a way into the presidency without moving on his own. i think the man empowered tonight is rick santorum. i think he's waiting in the wings. i think santorum, and other conservatives, rubio, because of the hispanic issue, may be a desire to reemerge. >> there's going to be a fight there. that just plays in the democrat's hands. paul ryan couldn't even deliver wisconsin, his home state. he really want that prominent in the campaign. he wasn't nearly as big of a factor as people thought.
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>> i do not, candidly behind the scenes, my advice was not to do it. because i think what happened down the stretch is ryan was perceived as so conservative, and so far right, for instance in virginia, you will notice on the ads they didn't use his face, because they couldn't use him. i think in the campaign, at the end of the day, they were all sitting around in a circle saying what did we do? i think ryan hurt the ticket. >> they hurt it with sarah palin four years ago, and did it again this time as well. >> we want to thank you all so much for joining us tonight for our you decide 2012 coverage. you can continue to check us out on for the latest updates on the local races. and stay tuned for live coverage on fox 5. we will be joining you through the next couple of hours with live updates on the local races here on fox 5. >> thank you for joining us. stay tuned for fox news
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coverage of you decide 2012. 

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